Set Apart Ministries provides the annual financial support that enables us to offer articles on personal growth and a Hebraic perspective on faith.

Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

This newspaper was founded 10 years ago by Rob Pue and his wife.  It enjoys a large circulation of 10,000-12,000 printed copies distributed around the state in restaurants, stores and other public places. Some of these are also delivered by subscription directly to homes and businesses.

The online version attracts an average of 80,000 visitors a month as of June, 2011. Rob is especially excited that this will be increasing as they bring out a newly revised website with more features in the near future.




Sponsorship with this paper makes it possible for us to be visible as a Messianic, Torah Pursuant Local Community.

Coaching services have been promoted using this venue as well.

We have often also benefited from the ability to promote activities or guest speakers or musicians who are also Torah pursuant.



Written Articles

Articles written by Barbara Klika or other local SAM members have been included in the monthly paper for several years.  Most of them are also available on our website, usually in a longer form than is possible in the newspaper version.

They are also available in the Newspapers online archive, helping us be more visible to the online community as well.