A Messiah Centered,Torah-Pursuant Relational Maturity Community Model!


Check out what this model could mean for your community!

Because knowledge gained outside the context of relationship

is only half of His plan for us!


                                                                          What We Do                            

                A Home Fellowship with 21 years of experience learning to Prepare Messiah's Bride in a Torah Pursuant

                        Discipleship/Spiritual Growth Community which is called as an Ezer Knegdo to the Body of Messiah.      


We Live

We live a Messiah centered lifestyle in the context of a believing community, returning to the ancient paths spoken of by the prophets and our Messiah Yeshua of Nazareth.

We Teach

Our website materials are our best description of who we are as well as being our primary outreach and teaching tool.

As an equipping ministry, we teach about:

  • What we have learned about maturing in Messiah.
  • Both  individual and corporate aspects of relationship and community.
  • Restoration from emotional traumas, small and great.
  • Shepherding and leadership skills.
  • The Place of Accountability in Community.


New articles or presentations are featured on the right side column. Our articles include PowerPoint presentations as well as documents and are listed alphabetically on the Articles page as well as by topic in the drop down menus. Audio files & listings are on a separate page.

Developing a new Messianic fellowship?

There is a great deal of material here related to leadership and relationship issues but you may enjoy checking out the Plant and Grow Messianic Fellowships page. Materials relevant to those new to this walk are gathered there.



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Revised and updated in both paperback and Kindle formats, please check out this unique book that helps provide answers to managing the storm that can erupt when coming into a Torah pursuant lifestyle!

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Depression is an Issue for Many Believers Who Fear it Means there is Something Wrong with Their Faith.

Are you one of them?

Find Ideas to Help and Support You or Friends and Family in Recovery!

100 Personal Questions from Real People are addressed in Barb Klika's book:
Christians and Depression

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Barbara L Klika, EzineArticles Basic Author



Who We Are


Local Community Group & Equipping Ministry

Messianic fellowship that functions as a Torah pursuant Life ModelTM community. Our halacha is a combination of traditional discipleship and faith formation work toward both individual and corporate personal and spiritual maturity.

There is a difference between being saved and being a disciple. Some of us are saved, "yet so as through fire." We are grateful to God for saving us from sin, but we are of no use to Him in so far as our actual life is concerned We are not spiritual disciples. Our Lord's last command was not, "Go and save men," but, "Go,...and make disciples:

We cannot make disciples unless we are disciples ourselves.  When a man comes to Jesus it is not sin that is in the way, but self realization, pride, his claim to himself. "I must realize myself, I must be educated and trained I must do those things that will help me to develop myself.  Self-realization is anti-Christian. All this is vigoroMarus paganism, it is not Christianity. Jesus Christ's attitude is always that of anti self-realization. His purpose is not the development of man at all; His purpose is to make men exactly like Himself, and the characteristic of the Son of God is not self-realization but self-expenditure. Spiritual selfishness must go--am I prepared for it to go?  If anyone desires to come after Me, let him deny himself : that is "let him give up his right to himself in Me.    

Oswald Chambers, from The Place of Help, 1935, Discovery House.

To learn more about our community, check out About Us, and Services.

After watching our "Be Ye Set Apart" video above, one leader had some comments we appreciated, and a very good question:

How do You Keep the People Who Need What You Offer?

If you are in the area and would like to visit with us for Shabbat gatherings or another time, please contact us by email or telephone to make arrangements.

To learn more about how we view fellowship group dynamics and stages check out Our Definition of Community.


For the scripture saith, Thou shalt not muzzle the ox that treadeth out the corn. And, The labourer [is] worthy of his reward.

1 Timothy 5:18

Thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out [the corn].

Deuteronomy 25:4

We are honored to be called and enabled to be of encouragement to the Body of Messiah and strive to present what the Ruach has been showing us here in ways that will benefit others.

As a small fellowship the cost to keep this website up to date as well as our mini site available is difficult.  All 100% of our resources go toward serving people through education or support. We are all volunteer with no salary or benefits provided. Donations received for special purposes, such as support for our brothers and sisters in Kenya or in Israel, go directly to them with no percentage held back. 


If you have found encouragement, help and wise counsel in these pages  or through our teleconferences, will you please prayerfully consider helping us cover our costs so that we can continue to be available? The time is short. We want to be found going about our Father's business while it is yet day.

You may also contact Barb Klika at Christian Transitions

if you would like to arrange personal coaching by phone or Skype. This, too, will help us maintain our services offered freely for all here.



We have a gift of handmade tzittziot as our thank you for those who establish a subscription!




May you be blessed and strengthened in our Messiah Yeshua!

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Prepare Messiah's Bride!

2 minute video description (above)of what we are about! 

Whats New?

March 2023

Poor, Blind and Naked From the Garden of Eden to the Assembly of Laodicea  Part 2



Poor, Blind and Naked From the Garden of Eden to the Assembly of Laodicea


Take and Eat: This Do in Remembrance of Me

Shorter Newspaper Version

Take and Eat:: This Do in Remembrance of Me

Longer website version with Scripture references included in full.

It also includes a Reference to the "Our Doctrine" Menu page for a detailed research study of the Doctrines of the Father and the Son

"Take and Eat" is about preparation for Spiritual Warfare as we face the many battles in the world today

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspape


We have begun the process of modernizing our entire website! It will be more mobile and search friendly with a Text to Voice option for the written articles among other new features!!

Target date for completion is March 1, 2023! 

Videos of Barb Klika's presentations at Raising Up the Remnant Conference now available online at our Youtube channel!

Sheep, Shepherding and Walls-Part 1

The Nitty Gritty of Community Relationships: What will YOU do with the sheep? Part 2

If you would like to have either or both of these presentations customized for YOUR fellowship please contact us!

November-December 2022

What Sanctified Christians ARE Supposed to Do

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

October 2022

Will He Find Faith?

Part 6

Coming INTO faith and GROWING

in faith

September 2022

Will He Find Faith?
Part 5

From Unbelief to Belief

August 2022

Will He Find Faith? Part 4

Assemblies that can transmit faith

June-July 2022

Will He Find Faith? Part 3

Yah's plan to transmit Faith

May 2022

Will He Find Faith? 

Part 2

What IS Faith?

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

April 2022

Will He Find Faith?

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

March 2022

Priesthood of All Believers in Action Today: Confrontation, Conviction, Contrition …vs Condemnation…and Salt

Part 3

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

February 2022

Priesthood of All Believers in Action Today, Preparing for Messiah’s Return

Part 2

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

January 2022

The Priestly Armor = The Full Gospel Armor

Part 1

Written by Trenton Van

April 2021

silence vexed

Believers are VEXED!

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper April 2021

March 2021

A new project has begun: recording audio/video of articles.

First available is:

A War and a Wedding Feast: 

From Prepare Messiah's Bride series

February 2021

Honing Discernment

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper (No January 2021 Edition)

November-December 2020

From Faith to Faith--Even Now!

Faith to Faith Chart

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

October 2020

Issachar: Children of the Understanding of the Times

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

September 2020

Will You be a Wise or a Foolish Virgin?

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

August 2020

Newly Revised/Updated Bar/Bat Mitzvah and/or Newcomers Study Guide is now available!

Newly Developed Introductory Booklet for SAM is now available!

Would you like Barbara Klika to address topics relating to Fellowship Development at your assembly?

Bio and List of Topics is now available!

The Prince of Peace Brought a Sword

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper August 2020

May 2020

The Modern Day Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil: If possible, even the elect will be deceived 

Full Version of Condensed article for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper


Angela Moutria

Torah Family

Women and Tzitzit

April 2020

He is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

March 2020

Now More than Ever....Learn to Be Good Bereans

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

Two Trees And the Sabbath

Guest Authors Bill and Karen Bishop

Comments from their book

 Two Trees, Two Kingdoms, Two Kings

by Bill and Karen Bishop

Book Review

February 2020

The Two Trees in the Garden Affect Us Today-and into Eternity

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

January, 2020

Sheep, Shepherds and THE Path of Righteousness

written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper


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