Watchman At The Gate

Many years ago, I (Barb) understood in prayer that I am a "watchman at the gate."

I had heard of watchmen on the walls but hadn't ever heard this particular phrase so I was perplexed. I checked every Scripture reference to gates and leaned into Abba for understanding of its meaning for me as it sounded important.

It took a year of study and prayer and questioning before it became clear that this had to do with being available for two tasks:

1) taking messages from the King to the people
2) taking messages from the people to the King.

Clearly not something to be taken lightly!

It has always seemed that what I have understood from Him was for my own personal understanding and action and then, for our SAM community, rather than for any larger group of people.

A visitor from another Messianic community shed a bit more light on the matter during a Yom Teruah gathering a few years ago:

The observation was made that watchmen at the gate watch for things in 3 ways:

1) watching the distant horizon
2) watching events right outside the gate
3) watching events right inside the gate

Well, this seemed to match with my own understanding of personal and local community application. It also seemed to confirm that my experience has NOT ever been that I have seen the far distant horizon and what events lie far ahead in time or for wider distribution.

 It seems that this "watchman at the gate" speaks to situations that are near at hand, both outside and inside the gate.

Speaking the Word of our Abba and exhorting all to "shema, shema!" is essential! We need to be both hearers and do-ers of His Word as we walk in His ways.

In the past few years, there have been several instances where a concern I needed to voice seemed beyond just our local community.

It seems that in the course of coming alongside those who have been afflicted, and in sharing in their afflictions, we here have learned about some things that are not easily recognized by many in the Body of Messiah, even those in one kind or another of a Messianic fellowship.

In many ways, the things I become aware of often have to do with awareness of the subtlety of the schemes of darkness.

This, too, makes sense to me in light of a season in the early 90's,  in which I was inspired by the words of Paul and spoke out all over this region of Wisconsin, to any group that would invite me to speak to them, about what was happening through the various "arms" of what was called "New Age" teachings.I was especially concerned about the impact I was seeing within various church groups.  Today, I am equally concerned about the apostasy seen in "purpose-driven" and "emergent" groups. My concerns of the early 90's are now far gone and more fully developed throughout most of traditional Christian denominations, to the point that many no longer even see any reason for concern. Those who honor Messiah Yeshua from their hearts, not just their lips, ARE leaving such groups in droves though they are often confused and don't know what to do instead.  Those who don't leave under their own power, I suspect will be spit out if they don't adhere to the new ways.

Why? Because I don't love you? God knows.  As The truth of Messiah is in me, no one will stop me from this boasting in the regions of Achaia.

But what I do, that I will do, that I may cut off occasion from them that desire an occasion, that in which they boast, they may be found even as we. For such men are false emissaries, deceitful workers, masquerading as Messiah's emissaries. And no wonder, for even Hasatan masquerades as an angel of light. It is no great thing therefore if his servants also masquerade as servants of righteousness, whose end will be according to their works. I say again, let no one think me foolish. But if so, yet receive me as foolish, that I also may boast a little.

2 Corinthians 11: 11-16 HNV

Recently, I have sensed a prompting to make the various warnings I have been shown available here in one place, rather than just scattered throughout our website, alphabetically in our articles section and dated under "Whats New" at the time I understand them. Included among them may also be articulate warnings I have seen from others that are important to share.

Please prayerfully consider if there is anything in them for you, your family and your faith community. 

The times are dark indeed, but as Children of the Light, we do not need to be frightened as we choose over and over again to walk in Messiah's Light!

 Watchman At The Gate Warnings

Thoughts On The Celebration of Christmas--written in 1998
I had only just begun study from a Hebrew understanding of the faith but had already begun to question how and why we do what we do; honoring Messiah as a Baby far more than as our King.

The Passion of the Christ -written in 2004
This movie was promoted by what looked to me to be an unprecedented surge of testimonials and incentives to attend from various voices within the Christian traditions that had not ever spoken together previously.

In light of known efforts to bring a "unity" to religion that is already well underway in political and economic circles, I was concerned about the motivation.  You may want to check out information on the United Religions Initiative (URI) for further information on this effort to bring all religions together into one.

 The intended visceral emotions and pain promoted seemed to me to be an unhealthy way to promote faith through emotional reactions, though the producer and developers of the movie and marketing insisted otherwise.  Since Scripture did not use highly graphic descriptive terms to "persuade" anyone to faith in Messiah, or to feel badly or guilty about what He has done for us, I see no reason this approach should be viewed as consistent with His ways.  Since there is a very large population of people who have experienced some kind of abuse or trauma, I expressed concern about the impact they might experience viewing such graphic material. These are two of my concerns. Though it is likely true that some people were influenced in a postive way, I believed then, and do still today, that this production is not entirely YHWH honoring.

A faith founded in emotional reactions is a weak one and can just as easily be swayed by the next emotional experience.  I recently found D. Martyn Lloyd-Jones, in his book, Spiritual Depression: it's Causes and Cures, published in 1965, voicing the same concern.

A Watchman Call for Prayerful Discernment on the March through the Arch   - written in 2008
I cannot speak for the heart intentionsof those who organized and sponsored this March and can see the potential perceived beautiful symbolism of returning to our roots
through such a ceremony. However ridiculous their beliefs might be to those of us who honor the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,  there is also a dark parallel to these symbolic actions that is readily recognizable to those who practice witchcraft and related forms of spirituality that is most definitely NOT YHWH honoring, and can put naive, spiritually undefended people at spiritual risk.

A Watchman Call for Discernment with "The Garden of Peace" teachings  - written in 2010
A number of leaders in the Messianic Movement in America have been promoting these materials as appropriate for Messianic Believers here.  To say the least,the material is self-described as in the line of Jewish esoteric teachings. Many things are recommended that fall outside what Torah teaches and even things which fall into the realm of superstition and witchcraft.   Again, despite the good intentions of both the author and those who promote it, I remain concerned for those who do not yet have adequate spiritual discernment to separate the chaff from any wheat available here. There are equally good resources on the subject matter of relationships and mens and women's roles that do not expose one to spiritual danger.

Messiah Yeshua's Followers Becoming "as Judah?"  - written in 2010
A number of leaders in the Messianic Movement are
heavily promoting the idea that all believers must adopt Judah's customs in order to honor our YHWH. For some, it also means that they may teach that only those of Jewish blood should pursue Torah while all Gentile believers are free from that obligation.

Another turn it takes is that it is said that one needs to be in either a synagogue or in a church, it makes no difference, but not in an independent fellowship. I question how one who knows Yeshua could honestly come under the leadership of those who do not know Him and how one who understands that all Scripture is valid for today could come under the leadership of those who do not understand this. Staying "quiet" about such basic personal differences of faith in order to remain in either place would mean that the individuals would not be able to truly enter into the assembly with open hearts and a teachable spirit.  A superficial unity will not endure under the kinds of pressures anticipated in the near future.

We see a continuation of the age old battle between the brothers here:  Cain and Abel, Jacob and Esau, Judah and Joseph.

An outline of the middle ground between the errors of traditional Christianity and the errors of those practicing Judaism is attempted here.

Watch and Pray  Series of Prayer Pattern Encouragements  written over several years.   It was impressed on me, through prayer, about 4 years ago that it is important for us to be watching and praying with Messiah. At various intervals of time, I had understanding I found it necessary to share.  These messages have been put into an automatic email series which will be available in your email box when you sign up to receive them.  May we all be found watching and praying with Him as the time is growing short.

Mary, Queen of Heaven,A timely article by a guest author  -  written in 2011
The recent surge in sightings of "Mary" and the devotion of the many followers seems clearly to be part of end times deception. 

This is especially of interest to us because there is a recently "church approved" visitation site for "Mary" within a few miles of us.There are also connections here with the United Religions Initiative.

 None So Blind  -  PowerPoint Video done in 2012  
Over the last 7 years there have been several teachers who have put together information that draws together Scriptural prophecy and astronomical signs in the heavens of the past, present and future. 

"None So Blind" is presented in an effort to help reach those who are not yet certain that the entire Word is relevant today and in the prayer and hope that it will encourage more to open their eyes and ears to what the Ruach has for them...both in the Word and in Creation itself.

Oh Absalom! --Apostasy Warning for Today (full article)      (Condensed articleWritten November 2014

Separating the Sheep from the Sheep?

A Commentary on C. S. Lewis and J. R.R. Tolkien

This article was written approximately 2008 and has been lost from our site form some time. It is restored now, in October 2015.  It is still relevant as the agenda of the evil one continues in the Luciferian mode that I described at the time.