Encouraging and Exhorting all to become as Good Bereans, well equipped to study and comprehend the Whole Word!


Then the brethren immediately sent Paul and Silas away by night to Berea. When they arrived, they went into the synagogue of the Jews.

These were more fair-minded than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness, and searched the Scriptures daily [to find out] whether these things were so.

Acts 17: 10-11  NKJV

Good Bereans All

Growing and Maturing as We Study His Word

We have understood that a part of being a Torah pursuant community is that of the study of His Word. It has been an amazing journey for us over these past 12 years!

We have gone through:

  •  the initial "re-evaluation" of all that we had understood about our faith in our previous church studies and relationships
  • the development of more full Hebraic understanding as we pursued many years of concentrating on the Torah portions with various teachers and commentators
  • several years of topical studies and of various books of the Brit Chadasha from a Hebraic perspective
  • and since 2008, the process of using study tools and methods so that we can parse out the Scriptures in our Shabbat gatherings and studies as the Ruach leads us.

Though we do still occassionally draw from several of the now many teachers of Torah that are well known, we have been just amazed and awed and humbled by what we have seen in our studies here.  Learning the metaphoric language, the examination of the ancient Hebrew pictographic meanings, searching out the thematic patterns, and yes, even at times consulting the Chumash, and the Books of Enoch and Yasher we have seen so many messianic prophecies unfold throughout the Tanakh that we can only again be amazed that anyone could ever doubt the inspired source of the entire Word.

Though we are blessed, and we believe called, to share what we have learned with others, particularly through our two websites, there is a greater concern as well!  


We want to continue to encourage the personal growth and development of the ability to deeply study the Word by all of His people! 


Understanding when others have received an insight into the meaning and message through the Word is wonderful, but the day will come when we will not have access to those who teach. 
To use the days wisely now includes developing the ability to study on our own using solid methodology in conjunction with the leading of the Ruach.

Here is a presentation on how one goes about developing these study skills, In The Beginning.

Here is the link to the study resources we recommend.

Here is the link to our thoughts on the study process that can best equip us to more fully comprehend His Word. We take very seriously the idea that we are to personally study and then mutually encourage and exhort one another in our local community so it made sense to us to do so for our "larger community" as well!

Accordingly, we want to offer the opportunity here for our readers to submit their findings as they study the awesome never ending treasures in His Word.

We will review and present what is sent to us here, so that we CAN be encouraging and exhorting one another mutually. 

Submissions do need to include name and contact information but we will publish them either with the author's name or anonymously as requested.

Please will you be a part of this mutual encouragement and write up what the Ruach has been showing you?


We Are Blessed To Be a Blessing!

Please write up and share with us what you are understanding in your studies of the Word.


Send in your submission via our email, providing your name and contact information. We will show your name or not, as requested, but not your contact information.


Together we CAN encourage and exhort one another to make the Word a part of every thought and action as we learn more and more of what He has put there for us all!

Noah and the Spirit  

 A Word Study

Another Messianic Picture as studied and written by one of our teleconference regulars, Lisa from Colorado!  Thank you for sharing this with us. Be Blessed and encouraged Lisa!

What "Stuff" did Ya'acov & Family Bring to Mitzraim?

A Word study on "keli" and questions pertaining to our "stuff" today.

From Michael D. Wisconsin Good work and insight here Michael!

 A Short but Interesting Thought from a Good Berean about Leah, Jacob and Dinah
It is interesting that Leah had 6 sons and 1 daughter by Jacob. It is like the week where we have six days for man to work and the seventh is a rest.
Note that it was the world/the prince of Shekem that violated Dinah. Is that not like what the world has done with the Shabbat? They have literally raped the Shabbat and now want us to marry with them and they with us and intermix so what is ours becomes theirs?
Come out of Babylon!

Submitted by Michael D.  Toda!


The FIg Wasp

Interesting look at the "biology" of the fig wasp and perhaps more understanding as to why Yeshua responded as He did to the tree without fruit.

Submitted by Debra P., local SAM member  Thank you!

Ya'acovs Wrestling

Ever wonder how this struggle was a good thing?

Submitted by Janell Schroeder, SAM Elder Thank you!


Vayera study on the Names of the Offspring

Submitted by Michael D.

Thank you!


The Birth of Elohim's People

A metaphor

Submitted by Michael D.