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Here you will find the spotlight on the new entries and developments we have made on the site, as they come off the home page What's New? feature. (Well, that is our goal!  It happens as our volunteer webmaster finds time to transition and categorize each piece.)  This may also include updates and additions to previous series or pieces.


The inspiration for what is included here often comes as we experience something and see a life application for it, or when a new understanding in Scripture arises which may also be a blessing we want to share with others.


After that, these articles and PowerPoint Presentations will be included in the Articles and Audio DVD Teachings pages, alphabetically by title.

November 2013


Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

September 2013  

Season of our Joy...and Some Confusion!

An examination of our halachah as an equipping community that differs from others, especially pertaining to Sukkoth!




Still A Work in Progress

And The Two Shall Become One

study has this PowerPoint Introduction

thus far.

Bible study in the Round!

Here is the working central "mindmap" style chart on the subject for your consideration and comment.

If you would like to discuss the matter please do contact us!


April 2013


The Terrible "E"


Review of a decision making process that can lead to spiritual downfall.

Written for Wisconsin Christian Newspaper

 January 2013

Sukkoth Study Comments on the Messages to the 7 Assemblies


Intro and Ephesus thru Thyatira 


Ephesus   &    Addendum




Fiscal cliffs are all the talk..

Which "Cliff" will Claim You?

November 2012

Bible Study in the Round: Second Example

Husband and Wife Images in Scripture

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