The Creation Gospel Study has been instrumental in helping us to deepen and broaden our study of the Word.

InThe Creation Gospel

This thematic study, originated by Dr. Hollisa Alewine, addresses the themes represented by groups of sevens throughout Scripture. It makes an abundant case for observance of YHWH's Feast Days as part of our obedience to Him and walking the path of righteousness.

Barbara Klika and Janell Schroeder are both certified Creation Gospel Trainers, having completed the basic work in Kentucky with Dr. Alewine and advanced training in Israel as well.

Our local community has gone through the first two workbooks dealing with the basic structure and comparisons with the menorah as well as the trumpets, seals and bowls of Revelation. Barb has hosted teleconferences covering this material over the past few years as well as providing the background for our brothers and sisters in Kenya prior to Hollisa's visit to train Kenyan TCG trainers.

Over the last several years, the understanding we have gained through this study has become a foundational part of how we think and function as a community as well as how we teach. That connection will be seen in our Goal Statement, chart and narrative. 

In this picture you see how we have used experiential learning to help us retain the themes of the sevens.

That's Janell on the left, asking the questions while Michael our tallest member gets help from his neice, Amy, in portraying the fourth candle. Over there on the right, seventh candle, Brian, is getting some coaching from wife, Debra, as we reviewed all the themes in the patterns.

You might enjoy making a human menorah, too. It is a lot of fun and helps each person remember, especially if you do it as we do, and each one is in a different position each time it is done!

    Creation Gospel Teleconferences  
    Since these recordings were made available, Dr. Alewine has also made DVD's of the material through God's Learning Channel resources.
    You can hear her presentations as she relates how the Spirit brought these understandings to her or you may enjoy hearing the teleconference participants process the same material.

Background Preparation

Barb has developed several PowerPoint Presentations designed to familiarize students with the basic methods of study used in The Creation Gospel workbooks.


We have found that it is helpful to have some study tools to solidify our understanding of these themes of sevens. At the following links, you will find worksheets that we have used for personal study as well as group reviews. We have even been known to pass out the forms for a contest to see who can complete the information first!



Basic Seven's

Advanced Seven's

Seven's including Seven Abominations