November 2020

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Psalm 69:33
For the LORD hears the needy and does not despise his own people who are prisoners.

SAM is pleased to have been a member of the Brown County Prison Aftercare Network since it began in our area in 2008. There is a recently updated website for resources for those making re-entry and their family and friends.

  Here is a presentation outlining the desperate need for communities of faith to come alongside ex-offenders as they try to re-enter society.  May our Messiah strengthen us all to do His will.

The following presentation was completed by the founders of the Prison Aftercare Network concept from the Milwauke, Wisconsin area.





A Presentation Made for a County Jail Ministry Annual Meeting

I will gladly bring it to your fellowship group or prison ministry on request!


Susan Klarkowski, the author of this book listed below has been in frequent attendance at the Brown County Prison Aftercare Network and is currently offering ministry to women in jail. It is indeed an inspiring read, from tragedy to victory!

If  you'd like to send a note of encouragement to her, we'd be most happy to pass it along! And she would be blessed! She is currently providing mentoring support to several incarcerated women.

This is an inspiring and powerful story of a journey that I never would have chosen to go on. Once in 1986 I was a happy housewife and mother. Later in 1987 I was in a state mental hospital facing first degree murder charges in the death of my 10 month old daughter. My life went from harmony and peace, to disaster. The combination of New Age religion with bipolar illness was a toxic mix. Much later, I found Jesus Christ and He taught me how to begin again, starting with forgiving myself. This is a true story of overcoming guilt and fear to grace and freedom. The story will be both heartbreaking and heartwarming. There are times when I look back at the past and find it hard to believe that I really lived through all of this. The one thing that I do know now, if I didn't know it then, is God was with me every step of the way. I truly believe that He kept me alive to be able to tell the story. I encourage you to read this book, I'd like to share with you this story of God's restoration

Prison Aftercare

Network of Brown County

As a Messiah-Centered Torah Pursuant Local Community we participate in the county wide, faith based network to coordinate services available for ex-offenders returning to the area. This involves monthly meetings with faith based ministries in the area who also want to serve the newly released people as well as hearing updates on various relevant services for them.  Bob Klika serves on the local board of directors.We have specifically asked for those who have demonstrated interest and awareness of their Hebrew roots and a desire to learn to walk in a Torah pursuant lifestyle, as we ask of every one involved.


For those who desire a Torah pursuant lifestyle, we offer individual and community mentoring as well as our usual men's and women's group work in the area's of maturity and relationshipdevelopment skills.

Additional Area Resources

Broken Yoke Ministries

With a support meeting system in southeastern Wisconsin (Milwaukee area), this ministry seeks to
    -  support those who struggle with unwanted same-gender attraction and believe that such behavior is incompatible with God's design for their lives through THE GRACE PLACE.  (Jill)

   -  serve as a resource for those incarcerated for sexual abuse as well as for family, friends, and others who minister to them (Bob)
   -  be a resource to the faith community. (Bob & Jill)


Ex-Offender Success Spot

Though not directly connected with us, this looks like a good resource for ideas!

Incarcerating those that Need to be Incarcerated AND Determining Who would Do Better Not Incarcerated.

I learned about the following presentation at the February, 2014 PAN meeting, through our speaker, Jim Duncan, an area man who is deeply committed to improve the criminal justice system in Wisconsin.

Please consider!


What's New?

November, 2020

Janell Schroeder was able to provide several weeks of one to one teaching, which was very well received, until concerns for covid-19 again put this on hold.

August, 2020

Monthly meetings have been on hold until this month with covid concerns. September meeting will offer both online and in person options.

Janell Schroeder had been asked and prepared to teach a class at Brown County Jail on the Feasts of the Lord when the quarantine issues arose.  She is currently looking at providing one to one, 15 minute sessions with inmates there.

Barb remains on call with Chaplain status for  requests to meet that the Jail Ministry Chaplain, Karen Konrad, passes on from inmates.

Currently, we are in touch with one inmate who is considering attending with us on release.

November, 2018

Since Bob Klika's retirement, we have moved north and just attend a few monthly meetings each year.

The Pre Release Jail Ministry presentations are no longer being offered by PAN. Monthly meetings and mentor support and training continue.

Currently, we have one returning ex-offender, who had been with us 7 years ago, for a season, before he was again returned to prison. Once again he has made a determination to walk before YHWH in Spirit and in Truth. There is great difficulty for him and prayers are appreciated as we come alongside him in the process.

     December, 2016

As we come to the close of this calendar year, we have several soon to be released men in occasional contact, in preparation for visiting us, if not joining us, on their release. Bob has retired and we have downsized and relocated. We attend the PAN meetings periodically. The Pre Release Jail Ministry has been put on hold.


     October, 2014

We are pleased to have two men with us who have been released in the past six months. Both are doing well and are encouragement to the rest of us, too!

Barb and Bob  are now joining another PAN volunteer each month as we present a "Pre Release Preparation Training" for the ladies and men near release from Brown County jail. This information has been painstakingly gathered by PAN members in the hopes of smoothing their transitions. It is available in printed form after the meeting via the chaplain's office.

February, 2014

Check out the video resource below left on intelligently reducing the numbers of those in prison, by Anne Milgram.

Guidelines for Writing to Inmates

This resource is prepared by exoffenders and contains very practical suggestions. It confirms what we may already intuitively know...those who are inside do better when they know people care...and this extends to their choices upon release!

December, 2013

We continue to attend the monthly PAN meetings with Bob as a board member.

Currently, we are in communication with three Messianic prisoners who have expressed interest to come here on release. Two expect release this coming spring, and  one anticipates it in two years. We have shared PAN info with them, and continue to follow local and state  developments that will affect their needs on release.

In November, Barb did a presentation on Passive Aggressive behavior for the PAN group to help all recognize and better cope when it is seen. She has been asked to give it again at a family support group in March, 2014.  The PowerPoint will be in our materials on line soon.

May, 2013

Bob and Barb Klika continue our monthly participation in the PAN meetings.

We have both received the necessary training to be available to inmates at our county jail. Bob is participating as a periodic volunteer at a monthly presentation about the local resource contact information inmates will need which is presented to them just prior to their release.

Barb has been invited to provide training on the spiritual needs of recently released offenders at a non-profit private agency that serves multiple facets of need for this population.

As of 2013, we have been of support to three men recently released from prison.

December, 2012

We have a second invitation to present our Messianic Pesach Seder this coming spring, 2013 at a local correctional facility, Yeshua willing!

December, 2011

New Resource for Prisoners Who Are Parents

"Staying Connected: Rights and Responsibilities of Incarcerated Parents in Wisconsin"

Resource Book compiled and provided courtesy of

The Family Law Project of the Frank J. Remington Center,

University of Wisconsin Law School

Family Connections

of Wisconsin