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Hebrew Language Resources


Mechanical Hebrew translation video trainings FREE!  High quality videos and graphics:

Learn Hebrew: 

This site has online interactive flashcard program based on The First Hebrew Primer:
This site has a free portion and a purchase option.  It provides 35 lists of words and phrases. Each one is pronounced as a flash card is presented.  The printed words include vowel points. There is a "turtle" button to slow it down. There are several different levels of learning available.

For an online primer audio file:

The Hebrew Primer by EKS Publishing
We have found The First Hebrew Primer from EKS publishing to be a very useable beginning grammar. It begins by teaching the Aleph-Bet and takes the student through the basic verbal and noun systems in 30 lessons that include vocabulary, sentences, stories and biblical texts to translate.  EKS also provides an Answer Key for the Primer, as well as other materials for learning biblical Hebrew. The Primer is also available in a digital format for use on your computer (Windows only).
There are also audio files (mp3 format) from chapters in The First Hebrew Primer

This program pronounces and writes Hebrew prayers slowly:

Hebrew dictionary:

This site has Torah portions in audible sound, Hebrew writing, translation, and transliteration:

For online Hebrew Lessons:   for modern Hebrew   for Biblical Hebrew

For modern Hebrew phrases:

Basic Hebrew Greeting and Survival Phrases--each word or phrase prounounced, too!

Articles written first in Hebrew, then transliterated into English, then translated into English

A page that can make signs in Hebrew, letter by letter, but no vowel points include:
(Need to have Hebrew font installed)

Meaning of  Names: