Hebrew 10: 32-39

A Messianic Equipping Community


Set Apart Ministries Foundational Teachings

Since we are called to mature in every way into our Messiah Yeshua and to teach others what we have learned, we offer here three foundational building blocks of teachings.

These teachings focus on individual, family, and corporate issues to help us mature.

    1. Maturity in Prayer Life
    2. Drama Triangle for Messianic Communities
    3. The Importance of Echad for Community


The series on What Shepherds Need to Know .... has become very popular among our readers so that a page has now been added listing this series in one place.

Messianic Communities sadly often involve Messy Expectations so there is now a series on this topic. It is listed on the SAM articles page.

An earlier work was done several years ago to examine the foundations of our faith, in response to a statement from someone who was convinced that as a member of the Roman Catholic Church, she was already founded in "bedrock" teachings. This resource is based on the words of Jude 3, and attempts to help answer the question,