Frequently Asked Questions

I've been fairly satisfied with my life but want to grow in my faith, personal life, ministry or career.
I tried therapy but I don't think that's for me. What is Life Coaching about?

For a description of the differences between Life Coaching and Therapy, for Life Coaching Forms and helpful evaluations please go to Barb's professional Coaching Information Page: Christian Transitions Coaching



I'm coming into a Torah pursuant lifestyle and I'd like some practical suggestions. 
I don't know where to begin to study my Hebrew Heritage. 

Consider Barb's Kindle Book:  New to Torah: A Practical Guide to Pursuing Messiah, the Living Word

Hebrew Roots Self-Study Guide & Set Apart Ministries Bar/Bat Mitzvah Guidelines. Using these guidelines as an organizational tool will give you a good overall understanding of the Hebrew Roots of Christianity.


Hebraic worship often uses banners. I really don't understand why this is important.
Can you help explain this to me?

The June 2007 Teleconference addressed the subject of the use of banners in worship. Listen to the MP3 audio with guest Theresa Bates of Adonai Dance Ministry.

See Set Apart Ministries local community Flag Worship guidelines.


There are so many denominations and religions. How do I know what I am doing is "right?"

Review our Set Apart Ministries study on Jude 3,  which uses a timeline format to review how the various groups have been formed over the centuries.

Read our articles about the challenges of the first year of Torah Observance in our Messianic Community Newsletter Archives

Check out the Biblical Holidays website for a concise explanation of the significance of the Feast days

for Believers in Messiah Yeshua.

 I am a leader of a Messianic Fellowship and I am puzzled about how to cope with all the various personal issues our people bring with them. How do I help them?

Check out the 10 Proven Steps to a Stable Messianic Community Life Coaching Email Course!

Arrange a personal consultation with Barbara L. Klika, MSW, Life Coach.




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