March 2022

After a year of personal and family health issues,

I am back and updating the more recent articles,

as well as

making the videos of my presentations done at

the Raising Up the Remnant Conference available.

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General Interest Coaching


December, 2007
Did you "Go Through the Gates?" Isaiah 62:10

November, 2007 
What does it mean to "Go Through the Gates?" Isaiah 62:10

September, 2007
A Volley of Conversation

July, 2007
Maturity In Prayer Life CD
Keeping Your Joy Full!

June, 2007
Aspects of Prayer
Keeping Your Joy Full!

May, 2007
Coping with Distractions in Prayer
Keeping Your Joy Full!

April, 2007
Spiritual Disciplines - Prayer
Keeping Your Joy Full!

March, 2007
What are we to think about the "Discovery of Yeshua's Bones"?
Keeping Your Joy Full!

February, 2007
Discipleship, Authority and Control
Keeping Your Joy Full!

January, 2007
Keepin Your Joy Full!