For a video tour of Israel  go to:  -  Enjoy a panoramic photography of various places in Israel.

Ha Yovel
(Tommy & Sherri Waller) -
Join the Waller family in serving Israel.

Feature Films -
Looking for wholesome entertainment?  Feature Films offers an impressive array of video entertainment.  You can browse by catagories, age, interestes or values portrayed in the selection.

Oswald Chambers: 
My Utmost for His Highest
This is a classic devotional and one that is deeply challenging for all who desire to get to know our Messiah ever more fully.  To read today's devotional, be sure the calendar is on the current month and click on the date.




The individuals and organizations represented here are those with whom we have had some kind of positive connection.  Some we have found to be helpful in one way or another as we pursue a Torah lifestyle though not all share our Hebraic understanding. Some represent links to other organizations with whom we have only some shared goals, such as Feature Films for Families. We present them in the hope that our readers will find encouragement and helpful resources as well.


Broken Yoke Ministries (Bob Van Domelen)
This ministry seeks to support those who struggle with same-gender attraction and also serve as a resource for those incarerated for sexual abuse and as well as family, friends and those who minister to them.

Understanding of the Hebrew Heritage of our Faith:  Ancient Hebrew Research Center (Jeff Benner) -

Watch a video presentation of the differences between a Hebrew and a Western Worldview, A History of Hebrew:  It's Language and Philosophy      3:24 minutes

Also watch several brief video examples of how this deepens our understanding via the process,

          o Of word study for ancient meanings;     6:30 minutes
          o Psalm 1:1                                                        8:54 minutes
          o Psalm 1:2                                                        9:52 minutes

Wisconsin Christian Newspaper - We are in our fifth year as a WCN sponsor and have appreciated the opportunity to reach more people throughout Wisconsin with papers placed for pick up in stores as well as 80,000 hits a month online.  Now we offer the opporutunity for you to support them and have this paper delivered directly to you while also supporting us.  Contact WCN and tell them we referred you.  $7 of the $25 annual subscription fee will come back to us.  Thank you!

C.A.R.E., Inc. - An organization based in Baldwin, Michigan which specializes in the restoration to health of those people struggling with a history of severe trauma in the areas of physical, sexual, emotional and spiritual abuse.  Founders Cheryl Knight and Jo Gettzinger are joined by Angie Stockamp in the provision of consultation, advocacy, resources and education in the areas of trauma recovery.  For a list of available articles from C.A.R.E., please click here to order.

Dry Bones Restoration Company - Resources and educational presentations provided by Frank Houtz in regard to the restoration of the awareness of the Hebrew Roots of the Christian Faith.  Frank and Mary provided a Biblical Research Techniques seminar here several years ago and our community members STILL refer to what was learned there quite often.

Hoshannah Rabbah Congregation - This Messianic Discipleship Resources site is maintained by Na'tan and Sandy Lawrence on behalf o their fellowship group.  Na'tan is a prolific writer and scholar.  We thank Na'tan for the original outline we used in the development of our Bar/Bat Mitzvah guidelines.

The Life Model - Equipping people with the skills to thrive.  So hurt people wouldn't spend their lives simply recovering and "getting by," a small but dedicated group of pastors, counselors, prayer ministers, deliverance workers, abuse survivors, support people and parents looked, studied and prayed their way to a model that would guide us from birth to death-a life model.

A growing number of books, tapes, videos, conferences and training seminars use aspects of the life model, but its essentials are found in a small book called The Life Model:  Living FromThe Heart Jesus Gave you.  This book has been translated in several languages.  The Life Model is used around the world for trauma treatment, addiction recovery, community development, church design, child rearing and Christian missions.

Messianic Dance Camp International - Messiance Dance Camp International is a religious Messianic Jewish organization that hosts religious dance retreats for both Jewish and Gentile believers in Yeshua (the Hebrew name for Jesus) the Messiah of Israel.

MDCI expressly focuses on establishing Davidic Dancing as a vehicle for worship.  MDCI is a non-secular dance organizationfor believers in the Messiah.  MDCI is dedicated in financially helping with the physical needs of the believers in Israel.  MDCI is an outreach to Christian believers who are interested in experiencing the Jewish roots of their faith in Messiah.  MDCI is interested in uniting Messianic Jewish believers with the larger body of Messiah through fellowship as Paul said in Ephesians, "that in Himself (Yeshua) He might make the two (Jew and Gentile) into one new man, thus establishing peace."

Still Waters, Inc. of Green Bay, Barbara L. Klika, MSW, Personal Life Coach - Barb Klika continues with a small private practice in professional coaching services.  Please see her Christian Transitions website for more information.


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